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The breeders listed in our breeder referral service are members in good standing with the Winnebago Labrador Retriever Club and the American Kennel Club, but under NO circumstances does the Winnebago Labrador Retriever Club guarantee the services of said members.



The Issue of the Silver Labrador
Frances O Smith, DVM, PhD Chair, Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. Genetics Committee
It is the opinion of the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc., the AKC parent club for the breed, that a silver Labrador is not a purebred Labrador retriever. The pet owning public is being duped into believing that animals with this dilute coat color are desirable, purebred and rare and, therefore, warrant special notoriety or a premium purchase price.


Anthem Labradors
Mark and Ann Garmon
(815) 943-6325
Email: mark_garmon@sbcglobal.net

Web Address: www.anthemlabradors.com

Bellamies Labradors Lisa Lehmann
Lake Forest, IL
Email: lwlehmann@hotmail.com

Cedar Springs Labradors
Mary J. Herburger
(815) 747-6200
Email: cedarsprgs@aol.com
Web Address: cedarspringslabs.com

Clearwater Labradors
Lara Nieckula
708 743 8469
Web Address: cwlabradors.com

Fast Jet Labradors
Linda Brown
(309) 235-7497
Email: fastjetlabradors@gmail.com
Website: www.fastjetlabradors.com

Gary Carlson
(815) 547-9991
E-mail: fourclabs@frontier.com
Web Address: www.fourclabs.com

Frosty River Labs
Este Jones
(708) 425-8751
Email: estejones@MSN.com

Lazy M Labs
Stu & Maureen McNames
(815) 968-2905
Email: lazymlabs@earthlink.com
Web Address: www.lazymlabradors.com

Puddle Jumper Labs
Sheila Holcomb
(815) 494-3485
E-mail: PJLABS1@aol.com
Web Address: puddlejumperlabs.com

Riverroad Labradors
Karin Thomas
(847) 362-3332
E-mail: Riverroad1@aol.com
Web Address: Riverroadlabs.com

Sommit Labradors
Linda Waco
(815) 363-7547
Web Address: sommitlabs.com
E-mail: wacol@mc.net

Sonlight Labradors
Sue Seehawer
Web Address: sonlightlabs.com

Kristin Stefek
(815) 529-5413
Web Address: summerlinlabs.com
E-mail: summerlinlabs@gmail.com

Sunrize Labradors
Cindy Tripp
(815) 915-6864
Email: cdtripp@earthlink.net
Web Address: sunrizelabradors.com

Sunset Ridge Labradors
Rich & Dee Fantozzi
(708) 636-4978
Email: SunsetRdge@aol.com
Web Address: sunsetrdgelabs.com

Sweetwater Labradors 
Wendy Schanck
(708) 535-0705
Email: sweetwaterlab@hotmail.com


Honorbright Labradors
Pat Kroll
(563) 677-2265
Email: honorlab@gmtel.net
Web Address: honorbrightlabs.com

Charm Labradors
Charlene and F. Jerome Moser
(563) 255-2561
Email: fjmoser@alpinecom.net
Website: www.charmlabradors.com


Ania Labradors
Anna Hausmann
(847) 989-0178
Email: anialabradors@hotmail.com
Web Address: anialabradors.com

Breakwater Labradors
Jen Hornyak
(262) 930-0527
Email: labrador4@wi.rr.com

Chestnut Hill Labradors
Donna Thate
(262) 878-1203
Email: chestnuthilldt@yahoo.com

Web Address: chestnuthilllabradors.com

Dunn's Marsh
Deb Hamele
Email: debh@dunnsmarshlabs.com
Web Address: dunnsmarshlabs.com

Hoffmanns Labradors
Ruth and Randy Hoffmann
(262) 634-3720
Email: Hoffmannslabs@gmail.com
Web Address: hoffmannslabs.com

Enduring Classics Labradors
Susan M. Kropetz
Email: enduringclassic@hotmail.com
Web Address: enduringclassicslabradors.com

RuMac Kennels
Jennie Macaluso and Christopher Ruditys
Email: jmacaluso@wamllc.net
Web Address: www.rumac.biz

Sommit Labradors
Sue Sommer
E-mail: Sue@sommit.com
Web Address: sommit.com

Kaltrav Labradors
Kathy Turbett
(608) 253-6206
Email: kaltrav@hotmail.com
Web Address: kaltravlabradors.com

Special Occasion Labradors
Diane Wehrheim
(262) 594-3219
E-mail: specialoccasionlabs@yahoo.com

Windy Knoll Kennels LLC
Margaret A. Drake
(262) 835-4858
E-mail: windynolkennel@msn.com
Web Address: www.windyknollwi.com

For additional breeder referrals please e-mail Este Jones: estejones@sbcglobal.net